Article Submission Guidelines
Merritt island Now writer

Merritt Island Now Magazine Guidelines for Contributing Writers

  1. All articles, headshots and bio must be submitted to the editor by the deadline given to contributing writers.
  2. Articles are to be informative and give value to our Merritt Island readers. Articles may not promote the business of the author.
  3. All articles must be the original work of the writer, excluding occasional quotes with proper attribution of the source.
  4. Unless otherwise instructed, all articles are not to exceed 375 words for a full page or 260 words for a half page.
  5. All articles submitted must include two high-resolution photos (300dpi minimum).
  6. All contributing writers must include a high resolution headshot and a maximum of a two-line bio, and may include email address, website, company name and phone number.
  7. MI Now does not guarantee that every article will be published. Final decision to publish an article is based on layout restrictions, quality of the article, fit of the subject matter for that particular issue, and several other factors. Articles may be held for publication in a future issue.
  8. Once an article is submitted to MI Now, it becomes the exclusive property of MI Now and may not be reprinted or published without permission.

Please submit articles and or questions to: